Sewing department

PSC Sewing - serial production
according to your expectations.

Sewing PSC - We are equipped with 40 industrial sewing machines
operated by qualified personnel.
We specialize in mass production of all manufactured goods
in respect of your projects. Equipment of our warehouse facilities
allows us to start produciton quicly.
We also offer stapling your tailored materials and we provide full support
at the design stage. We are open to your suggestions,
and our seamstresses will help you to translate your vision into a real product.

The PSC Sewing equipment consists of specialized sewing and cutting machines,
suitable for a variety of tasks. So you can be assured that at the
design stage we consider the use of appropriate machines
to achieve the highest quality with possibly low cost.

Equipment: double needle sewing machines, envelope-making machines, cutting machines
Materials: Nylon Cordura, PES, PA, MESH, PU, leather, cotton, etc.

Some of our Projects:

• car seat covers
• car floor mats
• harness bag
• sleeve
• pack bag
• thread bags
• Workwear / Protective
• Specialist aprons
• gloves
• bags
• backpacks

Ecology and sustainable development

Principles of sustainable development fully fit into the main assumptions of the PSC. In every area of our activity we follow the main principle that the natural resources must be also available for generations to come.

We use cutting-edge technology

We constantly work on developing and improving the efficiency of our machinery resources. In order to meet Your expectations we implement new production processes and devices.

Maximum benefit and satisfaction

Our main goal is the satisfaction of customers in every industry. We constantly work to make our products were characterized by the highest quality, expanding production areas, gaining better performance and more features.


Contact us and we guarantee you won't hear that implementation of printing is not possible. See our offer, make sure that we make the highest quality print on any material. Applied techniques: pad printing, screen printing, flexo, printing using the plotter.


By submitting request for quotation in the field of plastic injection molding in the PSC You can count on reliable support of our new projects department. Certainly we adapt appropriate solutions for the needs of your order, together we choose the type of granules and help in the design of injection molds.


Good sewing factory is characterized by great equipment, but excellent sewing factory is one which staff is a team of experienced seamstresses - dressmakers. We pride ourselves on the fact that fulfill these criteria at 100%.


Are you planning a relocation of your production back to the local market? We have experience in planning re-emigration of production and we can adapt our production area rapidly according to your needs. You can rely on us - let's talk about cooperation today.MORE


In order to the best respond to the needs of a dynamic market, we constantly develop our supply chain. If you want to ensure supplies of raw materials for our company and gain a reliable business partner at the same time, then the best way is to show us your offer.MORE

PSC Sp. z o.o.

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PSC Group
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